Brief History

Prime Skills Asia Corporation is a skills training center offering courses to our fellow Filipinos that would equip them on the jobs in demand abroad.

The training center started its operations on October 20, 2003 and was registered under Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA) with initial offering of Caretaker and Basic Domestic Helper Courses.

We had produced more than 15,000 graduates who are now working in various Asian countries like Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East and Brunei. In year 2008, it started to train workers who will work in Canada, Israel and Cyprus.

In August 2005, Prime Skills was awarded a Training Achievement Award by TESDA - Pamamarisan District.

Mission, Vision & Value Statement

Prime Skills Asia Corporation is a competitive and dynamic training center whose vision is to build a competitive, efficient and reliable Filipino workforce to the world.

We aim to promote personal development of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) by giving a total training program incorporating actual work scenarios.

Our core values include:
  Integrity & Ethical Conduct - We are honest and fair in everything that we do.
  Quality - We always find ways on how to teach and train our students better.
  Teamwork & Hardwork - We communicate and relate well with each other so the company’s goals are achieved.
  Feedback - We value what is on your mind and heart. We believe that comments are important to the company.


Our Partners

Recruitment Agencies

For any profit-oriented endeavor, consumers and clients play an important role in its life. They could be a measure of a business’ acceptability, profitability and sustainability. And for a service-oriented organization, the challenge presses on. For keeping the company in the book and on standards could often times be in conflict with the interest and demand of the client.

The relationship between the provider and the consumer is usually founded on trust. Getting clients is hard, for the company has to establish its credibility. But keeping them is harder, for not only will the company has to maintain its integrity but it also has to prove its competitive advantage among the rest.

And for Prime Skills Asia Corporation, getting where it is right now is never a one-day job and definitely not a one-man show. It is a product of patience & perseverance of our marketing people and their support group... and of trust & faith of our clients.

Where we are now, we thank our partner agencies for believing in us.
  • Greenworld
  • Honor
  • All Seasons
  • Golden Lights
  • Golden Horizon
  • G&P
  • 3R
  • Bright Star
  • Zimar
  • Seven Ocean
  • Mectap
  • Rise
  • La Suerte
  • Lexus
  • Athenna
  • Yoshi
  • Network
  • 21st Century
  • Mayon
  • Mitch
  • Transnational
  • Neostar
  • Speedy
  • Kenmore
  • Yobhel
  • Metropolis
  • Quintinians
  • Everlast
  • Sameer
  • Lakas Tao
  • Farland
  • Victoria Services
  • YMC
  • Friendship
  • Pioneer Asia
  • Anchor
  • Prestige

Assessment Center
Bowline Training and Assessment Incorporated - Household Services NCII


Prime Skills Iloilo Branch

Year 2005, the company risked into spreading its wings in the Visayas region. And Prime Skills Asia Corporation-Cebu Branch was born. But the venture did not turn out well. There were a lot of factors that were taken into account. Geographical consideration, professional immaturity, timing. Then, the inevitable happened, lessons were learned.

Year 2008, a franchise agreement was concluded between Rosemarie Belandres, Nora Leigh and Prime Skills Asia Corporation represented by its President and General Manager, Maureen Cecilia de Guzman for the opening of a branch in Iloilo City. As of present time, Prime Skills Asia Corporation Iloilo Branch is on an ongoing process of getting accreditation from TESDA.

Failures could bring us down to our knees. It could even make us doubt of our own capabilities and potentials. But on top of it all, we just have to remember that “when a door closes, a window opens.“